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Columbus United Methodist Church



In Person Worship

Join us as we gather in-person
to worship God through Jesus Christ,
Sundays at 10:00 a.m.


We would love to meet you and share
the message of God’s Love. 

Online &
Local Cable

Our worship services are also offered online via Facebook and YouTube!

Weekly Sunday services are also broadcasted Monday - Friday at 5:00 p.m. on cable channel 98 or 980 (digital).

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All Are Welcome To Join Us

We are a warm and inviting congregation who welcome all to join us as we get to know God and each other.

We have a laid-back dress code and use both older style music (hymns) as well as newer songs. Our worship is projected onto a screen for easy access as well as having printed bulletins (or programs).


Please join us for worship on Sunday, October 9
to welcome our new pastor, Rev. Sang Wook Park

A message:

Greetings in God's limitless love and grace. I am Sang Wook Park. I was ordained as a Korean Methodist Church pastor in 1997, and became an elder in 1999. I served two churches in Korea from 1993 to 2002 as a pastoral minister. From 2002 I have served churches as a church musician and a music minister. I hope my experiences
in pastoral and music ministry to be a good addition for Columbus and Fall River Churches.


With an open and obedient heart, I humbly follow God's direction. Surely, God prepares everything for Columbus and Fall River. God blesses us and expects us to grow in grace. I will try my best that God's Grace abounds to you more and more.

Ministry is not mine but God's. I pray that I can be a good part of it. I ask you to pray diligently that we all can
be good parts of God's ministry. God loves us. God is our refuge. God is the rock unshakable. We are all in
God's love and care. When we meet in person, I hope we all experience and share God given happiness together.
God bless you all!!!


Rev. Sang Wook Park

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